The World of the Accidental Animagus

By White Squirrel

Status: Complete, Word Count: 26,900, Pairing: N/A

Author’s Summary: A series of one-shots in the Animagus-Verse showing the state of the magical world at the time of Voldemort’s return. Some brace for war, while for others, life goes on. A bridge between The Accidental Animagus and Animagus at War.

My Thoughts: The World of the Accidental Animagus is a perfectly acceptable interlude. It brings back some of the more notable original characters from The Accidental Animagus and does a very nice job making the world that White Squirrel created feel lived in. Each chapter is set in a different country, which really helps to build on the international scope and scale that he went for with this series. I enjoyed it well enough, but it didn’t blow me away. Were this not a part of a series, it would probably be a higher up Average tier fic, but as it is, as part of this bigger universe, it gets a spot up here in the great tier.

Thoughts on Part I:

Thoughts on Part III:

Thoughts on the Series:

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