Chapter Reviews

Sometimes, I’ll read a chapter of a fic that blows my god damn mind. Sometimes, I want an excuse to talk about an ongoing fic, and sometimes I have some other reason that is also perfectly valid because this is my blog and I’ll do what I want with it, dammit! Fuck you! Where was I? Right. When that happens, I will write a short, unstructured review of that chapter and post it here. Expect them to be between one and five paragraphs long, to have much less structure than the full reviews, and to be a lot more off-the-cuff.

11/28/2021 – The Sealed Kingdom Chapter XIII – XV by LoveMyRomance

09/06/2021 – The Sealed Kingdom Chapter XII by LoveMyRomance

05/23/2021 – The Sealed Kingdom Chapter X by LoveMyRomance

05/13/2021 – Lunar Calendar Chapter VIII by Ubiquitouslyverbose

05/08/2021 – The Guarder Snake Chapter IV by 1Valor1

04/27/2021 – Animagus at War Chapter XXX by White Squirrel

04/17/2021 – Poison Pen Chapters I – XVI by GenkaiFan

04/13/2021 – The Guarder Snake Chapter III by 1Valor1

04/11/2021 – Deadly Belladonna Chapter VII by AppoApples

04/10/2021 – The Queen Does Not Need to Know Chapters I – XX by AppoApples

04/07/2021 – Deadly Belladonna Chapter VI by AppoApples

04/06/2021 – The Saviour’s Pariah Chapter IV by 1Valor1

04/05/2021 – Lunar Calendar Chapter VI by Ubiquitously Verbose

03/30/2021 – The Saviour’s Pariah Chapters I – III by 1Valor1

03/30/2021 – From Where Brilliant Dreams are Born Chapter I by Black Phoenix I

03/29/2021 – Forged Through Resilience Chapter VII by Black Phoenix I and Venerance

03/25/2021 – Chasing Snowflakes Chapters II – V (the ending) – by TheEndless7

03/24/2021 – Datura Chapters I – VIII (the whole fic) – by Katsitting

03/24/2021—The Guarder Snake Chapter I & II by 1Valor1

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