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So this is something a little bit different. The rest of my website is about writing reviews, and when I do that, I take some time to think about what my opinions are, and then I write a review where I break down my thoughts into various categories, and give a number score review. So this is basically the opposite of that. Basically, when I finish reading a chapter of a fic, I’ll occasionally write a short reaction to it here that’s just my thoughts going straight from my head, through my fingers, and onto the page. My newest reaction will be at the top of the page, and my oldest one will always be the one on the bottom.

09/06/2021 – The Sealed Kingdom Chapter XII by LoveMyRomance

05/23/2021 – The Sealed Kingdom Chapter X by LoveMyRomance

05/13/2021 – Lunar Calendar Chapter VIII by Ubiquitouslyverbose

05/08/2021 – The Guarder Snake Chapter IV by 1Valor1

04/27/2021 – Animagus at War Chapter XXX by White Squirrel

04/17/2021 – Poison Pen Chapters I – XVI by GenkaiFan

04/13/2021 – The Guarder Snake Chapter III by 1Valor1

04/11/2021 – Deadly Belladonna Chapter VII by AppoApples

04/10/2021 – The Queen Does Not Need to Know Chapters I – XX by AppoApples

04/07/2021 – Deadly Belladonna Chapter VI by AppoApples

04/06/2021 – The Saviour’s Pariah Chapter IV by 1Valor1

04/05/2021 – Lunar Calendar Chapter VI by Ubiquitously Verbose

03/30/2021 – The Saviour’s Pariah Chapters I – III by 1Valor1

03/30/2021 – From Where Brilliant Dreams are Born Chapter I by Black Phoenix I

03/29/2021 – Forged Through Resilience Chapter VII by Black Phoenix I and Venerance

03/25/2021 – Chasing Snowflakes Chapters II – V (the ending) – by TheEndless7

03/24/2021 – Datura Chapters I – VIII (the whole fic) – by Katsitting

03/24/2021—The Guarder Snake Chapter I & II by 1Valor1

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