There is Nothing to Fear

By callmesalticidae

Status: Ongoing, Word Count: 109,200

Read the Fic Here:

Author’s Summary: Tom Riddle was sorted into Gryffindor. There is nothing to fear.

My Thoughts:
Part I: Having the Right Enemies – Great Tier
Part II: Men Who Are Resolved – Great Tier
Part III: I Have Killed a Man for Wounding Me – Great Tier
Part IV: According to His Own Nature – Average Tier
Part V: What a Very Nice Fire – Good Tier
Part VI: Sufficient Courage
Part VII: The Removal of Masks
Part VIII: Seemingly Irrelevant
Part IX: The Prince’s Part
Part X: When All Grows Dark
Part XI: Any Other Virtue
Part XII: Out of That Story
Part XIII: Political Realities
Part XIV: Hermione Granger and the Silent Country

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