Thestrals Below the Mistletoe

By JacobApples

Status: Abandoned, Word Count: 8,300, Pairing: Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood

Read the Fic Here:

Author’s Summary: What if at the Hallway of Mysteries Sirius survives with one well placed disarming charm? It worked against the Dark Lord, didn’t it? What if Harry’s luck and timing worked in his favor? What does it mean for a phoenix to die? What happens if all the Horcruxes are killed before sixth year? What if Harry saw Luna for who she was? The love of his life. No updates planned.

My Thoughts: Holy fucking shit this fic nails Luna’s character perfectly. Every single scene she’s in is absolutely fantastic, and I wish more authors understood Luna’s canon characterization as well as Apples clearly does. While there are only three or four scenes with her in it, each one is distinct and entertaining in its own way. I’m also a big fan of the way Harry’s written here. I really enjoy how happy he is, because it’s a true breath of fresh air from all the doom and gloom that goes on in a lot of the fanfics I read. I wish there were more scenes with Harry and Luna interacting, but it’s unfair to dock points from a fic for being abandoned, so that’s really just me going “damn, I wish there was more of the good story.” Um….yeah, this fic sure as hell earns its spot in the top tier, and I get the feeling that if it had been continued then it would have become one of my all time favorites.

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