Trust Me

By Ubiquitouslyverbose

Status: Complete, Word Count: 13,600, Pairing: Harry Potter/Fleur Delacour, Genre: Romance/Drama

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Author’s Summary: A one-shot, part of the Flowerpot Discord Server’s brilliant Emily Collection. Fleur returns to England after the final battle to help with efforts to finally make the war a legacy of the past. In the aftermath of their efforts, romance blossoms between two champions. As long as they know to trust one another.

My Thoughts:
Characterization: The characterization in this fic was really great! I quite enjoy post-war stories that allow Harry to go through a little healing arc, and this fic does a surprisingly good job with that, especially considering how much it has going on, and the fact that it’s only 13k words long. He goes through a very distinct, believable change that is rather satisfying to witness. Fleur’s also great here, although she doesn’t have quite the same level of depth that Harry does. However, I don’t really mind too much, because having an arc is really just the cherry on top in a fluffy oneshot. She still has a very distinct characterization, and her confidence plays off of Harry’s character quite well. Also, Luna gets a brief cameo, and Ubiq once again proves why he should get exclusive Luna Lovegood rights always and forever, because holy shit he’s so fucking good at writing her character. She gets about three lines in this fic, and her cameo was still a highlight for me. It’s practically sinful how good he is at writing her character, and I absolutely love it. So….yeah, the characters were great. Great job Ubiq, I have no notes.

Romance/Comedy: Right! So, I’ve said for a while that Ubiq is especially talented at writing good romance, and he once again proves why I am justified in saying that, because holy shit the romance portion of this fic is good! It really only gets going near the end, but the groundwork is expertly laid out in the first half, and he even includes a little bit of realistic jealousy that isn’t fucking obnoxious to read about, and that’s a fucking impressive feat right there. The payoff at the end is also great, and this is where the comedy comes in, because holy fucking hell, this fic is very funny when it wants to be. Fleur and Harry have such great chemistry, and their interactions are honestly as funny as they are sweet and heartwarming. Particularly, the bridge scene at the end, because holy shit that was such a fantastic example of casual romance. It honestly made me chuckle out loud, and it was just wonderful. Good lord, this is now two Ubiq fics that get a perfect score on the romance. Will he keep up his solid streak? I suppose we’ll find out whenever I fucking catch up to Serpentine Advice.

Dialogue: Alright, enough gushing. So, I won’t lie and say that I don’t like the dialogue, but…it’s a bit stiff in a few places, especially right near the very beginning. This fic took a little while for me to warm up to, because the first few interactions between Harry and Fleur didn’t really work for me. However, once it gets into the swing of things, the dialogue gets much more better, and gets a far more natural, organic feel to it until at the end, when it’s practically perfection. There’s steady improvement throughout, and it makes for a very satisfying read.

Plot: The plot’s really great! I mean….just like with the dialogue, it’s tad slow and awkward at the beginning, but once again, once it kicks off it becomes incredibly entertaining to read about. One thing I really appreciated was Harry and Hermione’s conflict, because Ubiq did a great job writing conflict that feels like it’s organically spun from both of their natural flaws, without it feeling like Hermione was being bashed. It was very nice to read, and I really appreciated it. Besides that, I think Harry’s healing arc is really well done, and the romance near the end closes it out in a really great way. I also just…have to mention how entertaining confident Harry is to read, because yeah that was really funny.

Mechanics: Alright, so….yeah I’ll admit that the mechanics in this fic are a bit iffy, especially in the beginning. There are quite a few run on sentences, and commas show up in some strange places, and it’s just generally not very strong, mechanically speaking. However, it also does get much better near the end. The other thing is that I don’t really care, because I know that Ubiq didn’t have anyone beta read this fic, and I understand and respect his reasons for that, so….yeah I don’t give a fuck. So although I’m noting that the mechanics aren’t great, know that it doesn’t really detract from my enjoyment of the fic all that much, because at the end of the day, who really gives a shit anyway?

Bonus Point: So yeah, this is another Emily Flowerpot collection fic, and you all know what I think about those at this point, so Trust Me is now officially the third fic to ever get a bonus point on the archive. Good job Ubiq, for bringing some joy to this girl’s life, it was a great thing to do and I respect you a lot for taking the time to do so.

Overall: Trust Me is a really great fic! It’s got some fantastic fluff, some great drama, and some of the best romance in the fandom. All the characters act like proper characters, the plot makes sense, I could go on. This fic can stand tall among the other Top Tier fics, because I can tell that I’ll revisit this one quite a few times in the future. Oh and also, yes of course I’d be interested in seeing some Omake for this at some point in the future.

Final Thoughts: Yeah, this is a must read if you’re a fan of fluffy romance, and it’s especially a must read if you’re a fan of Flowerpot. I’ve said before that I think Flowerpot has the potential to be the worst pairing in the fandom, and this fic is a perfect example of why that does not have to be the case. It’s fantastic, I love it, and I hope you all give it a read.

Tier: Top Tier

Written on 05/20/2021

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