Une Seule Danse

By Darkened Void

Status: Complete, Word Count: 12,200, Pairing: Harry Potter/Fleur Delacour, Genre: Romance

Read the Fic Here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13854344/1/Une-Seule-Danse

Author’s Summary: My one-shot for the FlowerPot Discord Emily Collection. Harry Potter was to escort Fleur Delecour, his friend of over three years to the Yule Ball. But the prospect left him little more than a bundle of nerves. He’d made a promise to her, and he would not let her down. After all, what could change from just one dance? Fluffy!

My Thoughts:
Characterization: Both Fleur and Harry are, in my opinion, written fairly well here. Neither of their characterizations are groundbreaking or anything, but they both service the story very well. I think Fleur’s character is one of the more believable versions of her that I’ve seen in a fic, and I think that Harry’s awkwardness is very endearing and makes his perspective very fun to read. I think Fleur’s character has just the right amount of haughtiness, so she’s still somewhat comparable to her canon characterization while also not being obnoxious to read about. I also think that, in general, Fleur and Harry play off each other very well. However, as I said, I don’t think that either of them are particularly groundbreaking or anything, so I think I’ll say that the characterization is very good, even if it doesn’t blow me away or anything like that.

Romance: This is where this fic fucking shines. This is, for all intents and purposes, fluff done right. There’s still very well written drama, there’s still tension, but this fic still exists for the sole purpose of making you feel all nice and fuzzy on the inside. Fleur and Harry interact really, really naturally, and their interactions are fantastic. The consistency here is absolutely astounding, as there are hardly any moments that fall flat. It’s really great, and I hope Void writes more romance oneshots in the future, cause apparently he’s great at it.

Dialogue: Overall, I think the dialogue works very well. It’s not groundbreaking or anything like that, and there a few clunky moments here and there, but it mostly works very well. I thought it was especially good in the little ending scene in the restaurant, but the scene in which Harry asks Fleur to the ball is quite charming as well.

Plot: Now I’m feeling a bit conflicted about this one, because I think the plot serves the romance rather well. It provides a good reason for Harry to be happy during his fourth year, and not be in the tournament, and also does a decent job establishing Fleur and Harry as friends, but I’m also not really a fan of AUs where Voldemort’s just died on Halloween night. I don’t even have a solid reason for not liking it, it’s just not something that I find to be especially convincing. However, this is probably the best execution of that idea that I’ve ever seen….so well done Justin, you wrote a very nice oneshot.

Mechanics: This is a very mechanically sound fic. All of the grammar is accurate, all of the spelling is correct, and I think the writing is stylized in a really neat way. This fic feels like it was written by Void, and a lot of his style from The Shadow of Death shows up here as well, and I think that’s rather impressive, especially considering this fic’s radically different tone. So….yeah, I think this fic’s mechanics are rather impressive.

Bonus Point: So here’s the thing. This fic was written for the Emily Collection on the Flowerpot server, and this entire project has essentially restored my faith in the fanfic community. It’s such a wholesome project, and I’m sure that she’ll absolutely adore the collection when it’s complete, and I’ve decided this: whenever I review a fic from the Emily collection, I will make a note that it is an Emily collection fic and, depending on depending on the quality of the fic, this might influence the fic’s final placement within the tiers. I’m doing this because anyone who writes a fic for this collection is a wonderful person, who’s doing a wholesome, kind thing for someone in a shitty place, and I think that deserves commendation.

Overall: This is a really great fic! It’s a great example of fluff done well, and it’s written for a great cause! Fleur and Harry are both great, their interactions are cute, the style is interesting and distinct, and the dialogue is quite readable. I really like it, and it earns its place in the top tier.

Final Thoughts: If you like Flowerpot, give this fic a shot. If you like fluffy romance, give this fic a shot, and if you want to support someone who did a nice thing for someone else because he could, give this fic a shot.

Tier: Top Tier

Written on 05/20/2021

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