Unseen Perspectives

By SlenderGnome

Status: Complete, Word Count: 5,600, Pairing: Harry Potter/Delphini Riddle, Genre: Humour/Romance

Author’s Summary: A smattering of Omake from the works of Tendrael Umbra, particularly her delightful ‘Unseen Perspective’

My Thoughts: You know, normally I’m not a big fan of Omake, but wow. SlenderGnome’s Unseen Perspectives is insanely delightful! The writing is really fun, the scenarios are really funny, and some of these are honestly really heart warming. In many ways, this is SlenderGnome’s pitch for why Harry/Delphini is a good idea in Tendra’s Unseen Perspective, and these are so good that it honestly convinced me that that might be a good idea. While it is completely necessary to read Unseen Perspective by TendraelUmbra first, I highly recommend checking both this and that out.

Thoughts on Unseen Perspective by TendraelUmbra

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