Warmer than a Thousand Suns

By VonPelt

Status: Work In Progress, Word Count: 14,800, Pairing: Harry Potter/Lavender Brown, Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort

Author’s Summary: It was not a smart idea, nor a good one. In fact, as far as ideas went, it was outright insane. But for once Harry didn’t care, her embrace was addictive and he needed to feel her arms around him once more. She had awoken something inside of him, a longing he could not have comprehended before.

My Thoughts: Warmer Than a Thousand Suns is, so far, a fairly cute, pleasant enough short romance story. The beginning is a bit smutty, so if that bothers you then this one probably isn’t for you, but it’s decently written, and the rest is just cute fluffy fanfiction shit. This will not blow your mind, but it might make you shrug and go “that was cute”. VonPelt is kind of the king of writing cute short stories & oneshots, and this is another successful one of those. It does exactly what it tries to do, and with this type of story, you can’t really ask for more than that.

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